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Insider Threat

continuous evaluation



  • Best Practices for Insider Threat programs

  • Industrial Security / Vendor Risk

  • People & Behavior Analytics

  • Counterintelligence

  • Risk Analysis and Continuous Evaluation or Monitoring

  • Application of AI/ML in Insider Threat Monitoring & Prediction

  • Threat Monitoring

  • Economic Espionage

  • Deterrent Programs

  • ...And more!




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Check-in and Networking Breakfast

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM


8:00 AM - 4:45 PM 


FREE Networking Reception for all registered attendees

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM



DAY 2 

Networking Breakfast

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM


8:00 AM - 4:45 PM




Monterey Marriott

350 Calle Principal

2nd Floor & Ferrantes View

Monterey, CA 93940


Active Duty Government REGISTER for FREE! - This includes US and International Active Duty Government Employees ONLY. Government contractors and CAC holders are not eligible for the free government rate.


Security experts provide novel insights on best-of-breed solutions to counter physical, cyber and personnel threats.


Government and Industry leaders gather to answer your questions in open format panel discussions.

Excellent networking opportunities at the reception and vendor arena.


Amazing location with world-class scenery, restaurants and many other bucket-list worthy attractions.


Group Discounts and Student Discounts (with Valid Student ID).


Earn a Certificate of Completion for 20 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits.



Due to the proprietary nature of topics being presented, we ask that there be NO VIDEO or AUDIO RECORDING for the duration of event.


What is the Insider Threat Summit (ITS)?:

The focus of ITS is to discuss personnel security issues including cyber security challenges and capabilities, continuous evaluation of privileged identities, and ethical physical security considerations. A heightened awareness of insider threats from numerous newsworthy attacks and unauthorized leaks has brought us together for one main purpose: 


To better understand security challenges in order to better defend against insider threats.


By coming together, our solution-based discussions and interchanges of ideas will aid in our overall understanding to countering this costly problem of various forms of insider threats. Ultimately, our goal is to provide a forum of key security-focused leaders who can share, enlighten and stimulate your security know-how, so you can meet your challenges head on. 

ITS History:

In 2015, ITS was Co-Founded by Paul Temple, Founder of Advanced Onion, Inc., and Mia Temple, Founder of HUMM Creative, making it the first insider threat related event in the United States. ITS is known for its unique platform - where private and public sectors come together to share their diverse (and sometimes controversial) perspectives in a world-class setting. ITS immediately became known as the "chattiest group of techies/govies we have ever seen" thanks to the stimulating conversations by our presenters, insider threat thought leaders, and the engaged attendees. 


Each year, ITS grows, topics evolve, and guests leave with valuable insights, novel tools, and a sense of belonging. ITS is not just an event, but an international "family" of like-minded colleagues looking to mitigate the ever so costly and disruptive problem of insider threats.

Insider Threat Events

"Over twenty years at the forefront of people analytics has taught us that the line between safeguarding and vulnerability is drawn by data and the knowledge developed from it. At AO’s Insider Threat Summit, we transcend conventional wisdom with profound discussions to help leaders fortify their organizations from the inside out. Join us in shaping the future of corporate resilience."

- Michael Douglass,

CEO of Advanced Onion, Inc.


AO OCT. 2022 LOGO green lock.png

The Insider Threat Summit is hosted by Advanced Onion, Inc., who has been a partner to some of the most innovative threat mitigation projects in support of government and private industry leaders.


Advanced Onion, Inc. (AO) is a SDVOSB technology company, founded in 2006. Our DNA lies in People Analytics & Identity Management - insider threat analytics, continuous evaluation, biometrics, signature reduction and related identity analysis with AI/ML and other advanced technologies; IT Support Services - cybersecurity and information assurance, enterprise architecture, network management, DevSecOps, and application modernization; and Contact Center Operations - customer call center technical operations, program management, and help desk support. These are our core competencies and our passion.

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