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Dr. Adam Sorini

Managing Scientist, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

at Exponent, Inc.

Dr. Sorini is a forensics expert specializing in investigations of consumer electronics and computer technologies. Dr. Sorini’s work concerns failure analysis of electronics, intellectual property matters, X-ray Computed Tomography (CT), and topics in applied computer science including diverse aspects of cybersecurity such as medical device security, network security, and digital forensics. Dr. Sorini has investigated state-of-the-art consumer electronics hardware, firmware, and software.

Dr. Sorini has a background in computational physics and numerical modelling. While at Stanford and then at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Dr. Sorini implemented massively-parallel sparse-matrix computer software to determine physical properties of electronic systems. Dr. Sorini has experience with a number of computer programming languages including C, C++, FORTRAN, Python, and Java. He also has experience working with very large scale source code databases, both as a software developer and as a technical consultant.

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