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Andy Lewis
Executive Vice President Ventures

Andy Lewis leads Yakabod’s commercial case management software business. He spearheaded Yakabod’s successful efforts to develop and deliver commercial off-the-shelf solutions based on the company’s long experience protecting classified information and supporting classified missions for the US Federal Intelligence Community. Along with his colleagues, he has worked extensively with practitioners in insider threat and cybersecurity to understand their needs and deliver relevant, innovative technology that solves real-world problems. He is passionate about working with and supporting the Insider Threat and Cybersecurity Communities.

Andy’s experience includes more than 30 years as an executive, product manager and engineer in the software industry. Prior to his work with Yakabod, he co-founded and led product lines for Group Logic, an enterprise networking and communications software business. A “product guy”, Andy has focused his career on bringing exceptional value to customers through unique technology products. Over the years he has helped thousands of customers in higher education, government, and commercial organizations. Andy earned a BSE in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Cum Laude from Princeton University and is a member of Tau Beta Pi.

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