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Colonel (USA, Ret) Robert R. Roland, Psy.D

 Operational and Clinical Psychologist

Colonel (USA, Ret) Robert R. Roland, Psy.D., provides Operational and Clinical Psychology consultation to a diverse global clientele. Services include contract development, bid support and all phases of contract execution. His contributions include research, personnel vetting/recruitment, assessment, selection, training (RAST), on-site mission and family support.  Dr. Roland retired in 2004, after 31 years of worldwide military service. He was last assigned as a Professor in the Leadership Department at (ICAF) now The Eisenhower School of The National Defense University in Washington D.C. He established the first position there for a Military Psychologist in the Strategic Leadership Department and has 40+ years of teaching and supervision experience in Local, State, National and International Institutions. He has authored or co-authored numerous book chapters, articles and course syllabi while presenting regularly at professional conferences. Since his retirement, he has helped bid, win, execute and renew more than 20 contracts. These include the first MARSOC RAST program and the initial contract for USSOCOM’s worldwide Preservation of The Force and Family (POTFF) program. He has participated in every NASA astronaut selection effort over the past two decades.  


Bob is a Fellow of The American Psychological Association and Division 19, The Society of Military Psychology. He is the recipient of the APA Gersoni Award for his outstanding contributions to military psychology, the first APA Uhlaner Award recognizing excellence for outstanding contributions in research on military selection and recruitment and the APA Flanagan Lifetime Achievement Award for career-long achievements in military psychology. He served as Co-Chair (with Paul Bartone) of The International Psychology committee for The Society of Military Psychology for 2 decades and has been a member of APA and 19 since his student days.  Updated 10/2019  

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