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Simone "Cy" Genna
Insider Risk Investigator
TikTok - US Data Security

Simone "Cy" Genna has maintained a relatively quiet and diverse career that includes mitigating Y2K issues, building a new 'Counterintelligence in Cyberspace' session while as Special Agent with NCIS, managing a website for a pug rescue, building insider threat teams from scratch at two small tech companies in Silicon Valley, helping to code the first online registration system at the largest undergraduate university in the U.S. (in COBOL), teaching a traditional martial art for over 41 years, studying abroad in Shanghai, spending a year at the Foreign Service Institute, picking up an M.S. in Information Security Management while no one was watching, and even running a marathon in under 4 hours.  Cy's security background is like a Swiss Army Knife with hands-on experience across executive protection, cyber threat intelligence, counterintelligence & counter-espionage, threat management, felony-level federal investigations, physical security threat assessments, and incident response & digital forensics.  When not thinking about security, Cy can be found catching Pokemon, debating the history and impact of the Star Wars Saga, and writing books and white papers that will never be published. 

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