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David Buckley headshot.png

David Buckley

Managing Director, Advisory Consulting, Risk Strategy and Compliance at KPMG LLP

David leads KPMG’s Intelligence Sector and Federal Risk Strategy and Compliance practice, specializing in investigations, forensic applications and risk mitigation strategies concerning internal and external threats to business operations. He is a former Inspector General of the Central Intelligence Agency and federal career law enforcement senior executive, having served in the Departments of Treasury, Defense and the U.S. Air Force and as a senior professional staff member for both US Senate and US House committees. He has over 40 years of professional experience conducting and leading investigations, examining public policy and conducting audits, evaluations, and regulatory inspections. Much of David’s career focus has been focused on Insider Threats – from counterintelligence operations for the USAF to Internal Affairs for the Internal Revenue Service, and as Inspector General for the Central Intelligence Agency. David leads KPMG’s Future of Trust service offering, designed to help clients better protect against threats to their people, suppliers and products.

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