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Gregg Seitz

Vice President & Co-Founder of Rhodes Edge, Inc.

Gregg Seitz is the Vice President & Co-Founder of Rhodes Edge, Inc. – a small, woman-owned security company that delivers state of the art solutions for:  screening, vetting, and geo-tracking personnel.  Rhodes Edge prides itself on providing a complete picture of personnel that allows employers to increase security, awareness, and the ability to identify vulnerabilities and fraud both within your organization and from outside entities.


In his role with Rhodes Edge, Gregg focuses on both business and product development, ensuring that the company remains on the cutting-edge of the background screening industry to offer solutions unparalleled in the industry.  Gregg is committed to providing products and services to not just meet, but exceed client expectations by delivering personnel data faster, more cost-effectively, and more accurately than other providers.  Gregg is a noted analytics expert with past leadership roles in major litigation companies and experience with some of the world’s largest and significant eDiscovery projects.  He holds a degree from James Madison University.

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