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Headshot - J.T Mendoza.png
J.T. Mendoza
Executive Director
US Insider Risk Center of Excellence

J.T. Mendoza has over 25 years of experience in the public and private sectors, serving in positions of progressive responsibility. J.T. currently serves as Head of Insider Risk Management for an international organization with over 350k employees in over 140 countries. Prior to joining the commercial sector, JT served as Deputy Director, US Air Force Insider Threat. In this role, he was responsible for strategy, outreach, and integration efforts. Before re-joining the USAF, he served as a senior leader within Defense Intelligence Agency’s Counterespionage Division. In addition to working numerous joint cases with the FBI, which led to successful prosecutions, he led DIA’s efforts to revamp and increase the ability to protect and defend the agency against insider threat penetration attempts.


As the Executive Director of the US Insider Risk Management Centre of Excellence, J.T. is focused on establishing the COE to fulfill its vision of promoting private, public, and academic partnerships to foster knowledge sharing and resources to raise the tide and lift all insider risk/threat practitioners.

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