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J.T. Mendoza

Deputy Director, USAF Insider Threat Hub

J.T. Mendoza currently serves as Deputy Director of the U.S. Air Force Insider Threat Hub. In this role, he’s responsible for strategy, outreach, and integration in the Air Force’s effort to detect, identify, and prevent insider threats to national security and Air Force personnel, missions, information, and facilities. In his previous role, he served as a senior leader within Defense Intelligence Agency’s counterespionage and insider threat program. He has accumulated more than 22 years of experience leading and managing investigations, counterintelligence, and clandestine programs within federal law enforcement and the Intelligence Community. Mr. Mendoza has received numerous awards during his military and civil service career, including several ODNI team and individual awards. He was also recently selected as one of Security Magazine's "Most Influential People" for 2019.

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