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Dr. Michael Gelles

Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Dr. Michael G. Gelles, managing director with Deloitte Consulting LLP, advising a wide variety

of clients in the public and private sector. Dr. Gelles is a known insider threat specialist focused

on cyber and physical security risks, asset loss, exploitation, terrorism workplace violence and

sabotage. Dr. Gelles works to improve their insider threat posture with a specific emphasis on

people, mission and risk. Dr. Gelles has led the development of over 70 insider threat programs

including Deloitte’s own program that entails a number of proprietary innovative solutions. Dr.

Gelles’ approach to insider threat is data driven with large security transformations based on the

client’s strategy, operations, workforce and broader culture focused on mitigating enterprise risk.


He is an author of two books as well as numerous articles and is a frequent guest speaker. His

books include: “Threat Assessment a Risk Managed Approach” (Taylor Francis) and recently

released Insider Threat; Prevention, Detection, Mitigation and Deterrence (Elsevier Press).

Most recently, a book chapter on insider threat program development in the International

Handbook of Threat Assessment edited by Reid Meloy and Jens Hoffmann published (Oxford

Press). Before joining Deloitte, Dr. Gelles spent 20 years with the Navy and the Naval Criminal

Investigative Service.

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