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Michael Caimona

Director of Strategy at Boeing IIS

Michael Caimona is the Director of Strategy for Boeing Integrated Information Systems (IIS). In this capacity, he is responsible for developing, communicating and executing a complex business strategy for Boeing’s line of business that supports the U.S. National Security Community. Caimona also guides all of IIS's business operations for critical mission areas to include Cyber Network Operations, national and local law enforcement operations, Joint Department of Defense (DoD) organizations, counter terrorism organizations, Insider Threat Operations, Special Operations elements and several U.S. Federal Civilian Departments. Most recently, Caimona established Boeing’s Advanced Analytics team responsible for the Insider Threat problem domain. 

Caimona joined Boeing through the company’s acquisition of Kestrel Enterprises, Inc., for which he served in several leadership and management positions to include Executive Vice President. Caimona has led numerous high performing teams focused on providing analytic, technical, and management support to the U.S. Intelligence, DoD and Law Enforcement Communities. He has deployed to the Middle East and Asia in support of his customers’ missions and has provided several presentations on topics including Human Tracking, Fundamentals of Analysis, Insider Threat, and Data Management for Counter Terrorism Targeting at various Security, DoD, and Law Enforcement conferences. 

Prior to joining Kestrel, Caimona served in the United States Navy climbing the ranks from enlisted Intelligence Specialist to Senior Intelligence Officer. While on active duty, he had the opportunity to serve in key operational and staff assignments afloat and ashore. His operational duties included deployments to the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and North Atlantic areas of operation. He provided direct action support during Operations Noble Anvil, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom and participated in several sensitive missions vital to national security and the Global War on Terrorism. During his staff assignments, he was charged with evaluating technology to enhance the Navy’s technical and analytic efficiency and effectiveness. Caimona was the distinguished graduate of several Navy schools and has many personal, unit and campaign awards. 

Caimona holds a Master of Science Degree in Management, a Master of Strategic Intelligence with a concentration in Competitive Intelligence and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics. 

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