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Michael Crouse - PMP®, ITPM, 

Director Insider Risk Programs at Forcepoint LLC

Michael Crouse, is the Forcepoint Director of Insider Risk Programs promoting a paradigm shift for cyber security focused on dynamic user protection and adaptive risk mitigation. Mr. Crouse works closely with top company decision-makers and lends key influence in helping them improve employee security behavior by changing the way people think about security; developing new cybersecurity policies, procedures, and technical approaches; and generating real-time, actionable data derived from employee behavior and industry baselines.


Mr. Crouse possesses over a quarter-century of experience supporting Commercial and Federal Organizations starting with the National Security Agency (NSA) and expanding his career with various companies including Stanford Telecom, ITT Industries, General Dynamics, Oakley Networks, Raytheon, Mimecast (formerly Ataata), F5 (formerly Shape Security), and now Forcepoint.


Mr. Crouse graduated from the University of Akron, from which he holds a bachelor of science in Electrical Engineering; Also earned a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University; Program Manager Professional certification through Program Management Institute; and Certified Insider Threat Program Manager through Software Engineering Institute via Carnegie Mellon University.

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