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Michael Lipinski

CISO and Chief Security Strategist at Securonix

Michael J. Lipinski is CISO and chief security strategist at Securonix. He has over 28 years of experience in risk and information security, digital forensic investigations including HR interrogation, legal process support and testimony. Lipinski has helped organizations of all sizes design, build and run risk, IT governance and information security programs. He has held IT executive roles in the end user space and numerous roles in IT hardware and software organizations.

Lipinski spent the last 8 years serving as CISO of an acquisition driven, rapidly growing marketing services and business process outsourcer. He was responsible for the development of the information security, risk, IT governance, IT CERT and insider threat programs. Prior to his role as CISO, Lipinski consulted for 15 plus years in the information security, risk and business continuity space, helping large organizations in diverse industries solve their risk and information security challenges. 

Lipinski has started and owned several IT and IT security companies. He created a new, disruptive technology that defends organizations from insider threats and took to market a patented set of insider threat focused risk analysis tools that detect unauthorized network communications from large data sources such as network flow, firewall and IDS/IPS systems.

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