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Nickolas Golubev

Chief of Engineering and Architecture

As a key member of the Advanced Onion leadership team, Nickolas Golubev leads existing and new business with his knowledge and experience in the fields of Information and Technology. His career emphasis has been in the federal defense, working with application analysis, software engineering, and system administration. 


His professional accomplishments have been supported by a BS in Information Systems with Security Administration Concentration. A focus towards positive client relationships, along with creative problem-solving, has resulted in unprecedented product developments implemented into the DoD. Nick is able to use his knowledge of information security, technologies, and programming to effectively lead in a project management role within the company.

Personally, Nickolas enjoys learning new systems and tools, especially in areas of technology and robotics. Nick leads an active lifestyle, particularly biking and running. His love of the outdoors is also manifest in his enjoyment of photography.

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