Stephanie Jaros
Director of Research, DoD Counter-Insider Threat Program,
Defense Personnel and Security Research Center (PERSEREC), Office of People Analytics (OPA)

Stephanie Jaros is the Director of Research for DoD's Counter-Insider Threat Program. As part of her role, she founded The Threat Lab in 2018, which is dedicated to fulfilling the DoD Counter-Insider Threat Program Director's vision to incorporate the social and behavioral sciences into the mission space. The Threat Lab is headquartered in Seaside, California, and is embedded in the Defense Personnel and Security Research Center (PERSEREC). Ms. Jaros also serves as the Technical Contracting Officer Representative for the insider threat research portfolio at the University of Maryland's Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence & Security (ARLIS). Prior to joining PERSEREC, Ms. Jaros was the Insider Threat Program Coordinator for US Customs & Border Protection. She has an MA in Sociology from the University of Washington, an MA in the Social Sciences from the University of Chicago, and a BA in Sociology from Grinnell College.