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Stephanie Jaros
Visiting Research Scientist & Lead Scientist, Personnel Security Research. 

Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence & Security (ARLIS)

Stephanie Jaros is an award-winning insider risk expert with more than 10 years of experience in program design, implementation, assessment, and research across government and industry. She is a Visiting Research Scientist and Lead Scientist for Personnel Security Research at UMD's Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence & Security (ARLIS) where she leads an emerging program to modernize credibility assessment.


During her time as the Director of Research for DoD's Counter-Insider Threat Program, Stephanie founded and built The Threat Lab, a multi-disciplinary program dedicated to integrating the social and behavioral sciences into DoD’s counter-insider threat mission space. Stephanie also was the Senior Security Manager for Strategy with Zoom’s Insider Risk Mitigation Program and the Insider Threat Program Coordinator for US Customs and Border Protection.

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