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Antonio (Tony) Rucci

Counterintelligence Special Agent (Retired)

Director of Information Security & Threat Intelligence

GRIDSMART Technologies

Antonio A. Rucci is a retired Counterintelligence Special Agent and US Army Warrant Officer, with more than 34 years of technical security experience. Tony is the Director of Information Security & Threat GRIDSMART Technologies in Knoxville, TN.


Tony ran technical espionage and computer crimes investigations for a good portion of his operational career. He served as the Counterintelligence Operations Officer at The White House; serving two administrations from 1998-2004. He led the technical accreditation for the MultiProgram Research Facility (MRF) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, then ran Cyber Security Programs for the IC before being recruited to move to Reno, NV to build a data center for one of the beltway bandits. Since then, Tony has started two of his own companies and served as the Chief Security Officer for two others before joining GRIDSMART. Tony continues to serve national security efforts in his current capacities with GRIDSMART.                    


You can follow Tony on Twitter: @InsiderThreats

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